Leadership Coaching

Leading with Purpose for Performance

As a leadership coach I will support and challenge you to find your strengths, develop your skills and, most of all, find what motivates you as a leader to succeed.  True leadership inspires others to excel and push their boundaries for new visions and accomplishments.  As an authentic and inspiring leader you engage your mind, body and heart.

I work with managers and leaders from a wide range of industries. My areas of specialty are global leadership, leading for improved performance, leading and managing millennials, and, women in leadership.

Sample coaching programs includes;

Leadership Coaching for the Emerging Manager

Leadership Coaching for Middle Managers

Leadership Coaching for Executives / Senior Leadership


Katarina was my cross cultural trainer when I moved to USA. She was extremely helpful in terms of work and social life topics, has lots of experience in dealing with expats and what could be potential challenges be.Very valuable experience. Highly recommended.  

Alenka Dekleva, Global Program Lead at Novartis