Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching for Business Performance & Personal Growth 

True leadership inspires others to excel and push their boundaries for new visions and accomplishments.  As an authentic and inspiring leader you engage your mind, body and heart.  We coach managers and leaders from a wide range of industries to improve their skills in leading strategically with emotional and cultural intelligence.  Areas of expertise are global leadership, leading for improved performance, leadership communication, leading and managing millennials, and, women in leadership.

Our clients are located across the globe, thus we provide coaching in-person, virtually and as group coaching, depending on need and feasability.

Coaching Program Structure: 

1) Initial interview and assessments 2) in-person coaching (if agreed) 3) virtual coaching 4) Just-in-time support 5) Stakeholder updates 6) Resources 7) 360 interviews and other assessments as requested.

Leadership coaching programs are normally 3-6 months in duration (approximately 6-12 sessions 45 minutes each), depending on agreement

Coaching programs can be purchased by individuals or organizations. Contact us for more information.

Sample coaching programs includes:

Leadership Coaching for the Emerging Manager  – Are you developing your new talent to ensure engagement and commitment? Through this program we will develop the emerging future leaders of your organization. The focus is on personal leadership and career development, gap & skills assessment and development, communication & assertiveness skills and self-knowledge.

Leadership Coaching for Middle Managers   –  Middle-managers in an organization are like the middle child in a family, often forgotten.  They are, however, imperative for the success of the company as they translate the vision of senior leadership into actions and deliverables for staff to execute.   We coach middle-managers for career growth and leadership competence taking into account their unique role in the organization.

Leadership Coaching for Executives / Senior Leadership  –  Are your leaders tuned in to the needs of the organization and the trends of the future, or are they perceived as disconnected from the world outside the C-suite?  Looking to find a deeper understanding of who you are as a leader, including your values, compass and motivation and how they translate into successful and authentic behaviors that drives change and progress?  We coach leaders to deeper self-knowledge, enhanced emotional and cultural intelligence, while developing strengths for improved performance.

Leadership Coaching for Women & Minorities – While all successful leaders require emotional and cultural intelligence, self-knowledge and strategic thinking, women and minority leaders and emerging leaders often experience challenges unique to them depending on their cultural upbringing, background and the hidden biases and behavioral expectations related to their gender or minority identity.   Coaching can be a powerful tool to identify strengths and unique challenges, and to explore skills and tools to overcome them, depending on context.  We have experience coaching on topics such as assertiveness in communication, leading across cultures, the imposter syndrome and enhanced networking skills in a diverse multicultural workplace.


Katarina was my cross cultural trainer when I moved to USA. She was extremely helpful in terms of work and social life topics, has lots of experience in dealing with expats and what could be potential challenges be.Very valuable experience. Highly recommended.  

Alenka Dekleva, Global Program Lead at Novartis