What Our Clients Say

Here are some of my clients’ thoughts on working with me:

I attended a presentation on ‘Succeeding in Business in the US, Culture & Communication’. The seminar was held in Seinäjoki, Finland and focused on comparing the business cultures of Finns & Americans. The presentation was full of value which was delivered in a way that was easy to understand. Kat clearly has a lot of first-hand experience and supported this with academic references. Kat’s presentation style was both relaxed and professional, the manner that can only be delivered by someone who really knows their subject – she even threw in a little Finnish, just to show that she hasn’t lost it!.

– Mark Wiltshire Co-founder, Xport

Katarina is very skillful in listening and suggesting appropriate planning tools, and rehearsal techniques. She has an open mind and straight communication skills. I highly recommend Katarina as a coach with excellent technical expertise. She provides a good set of tools, is tactful with a fine understanding for both life and work situations abroad. She certainly has a great sense of humor.

– Michael Zschiegner Development Assistance and Humanitarian Relief Practitioner

I have outsourced cross cultural training work to Kat, because I knew and trusted her depth of knowledge and skill. The clients she trained were extremely pleased with her work, and I will continue to refer work to her.

– Anne Copeland, The Interchange Institute

Katarina is an inspirational coach who helped me tremendously during a critical point of career change. As a former corporate employee moving to a new country (US), Katarina’s coaching was very helpful. I came to her with scrambled thoughts and an idea of where I wanted to go, but no clear path on how I could get there. Her insights made me think deeply about where I want to take my career and she helped me develop the tools I need to create my path in life. Most importantly, she helped me understand not only how I would get to where I wanted to be, but why I wanted to go there. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is making career transition.

– Douglas Takitani Operational Risk, BCM & Governance Professional

Katarina Holm-DiDio has worked with UNDP’s dual career support programme as the trainer of our career development workshop for partners and spouses of our international staff members. Participants not only like her workshops but also benefit a lot from them. Thanks so much Katarina, we very much appreciate this!

– Christine Bendel, HR Specialist

Katarina was my cross cultural trainer when I moved to USA. She was extremely helpful in terms of work and social life topics, has lots of experience in dealing with expats and what could potential challenges be. Her knowledge of US contemporary life and living environment was very beneficial and I really enjoyed the whole day discussing with her. Very valuable experience. Highly recommended. Thanks Kat!

– Alenka Dekleva, Global Program Lead at Novartis

I met Katarina during career support series workshop for UN spouses, where Katarina was the instructor and brought with her wealth of information and guidance as a career coach, along with her quiet charm. I have since been in awe of her knowledge about the various aspects of career counseling and specially admire her skills on getting the participants to focus on the aspects most pertinent. She also has a way of motivating and positively influencing people who look at her for guidance. I look forward to learning more from her in the future.

– Rasika Rijal, Client